MESSAGES Chairman's Message

NEA Education Society has been established with clear vision to provide quality education of new dimensions to introduce and promote family life education to enable new generation to face the challenges of growing into responsible adults and to make the children a productive and capable citizens of the nation.
We at NEA believe that what children get, they give back to the society. Children who are brought up in a strong value system and taught integrity during their formative years generally didn't lose it as it becomes a part of their life
It is our responsibility to implant right values of education in the heart of these budding fellows to inculcate values such as love, acceptance forgiveness. justice, sharing and respect for all, to build up a healthy environment. 
The dream of NEA is to see he students of NEA as most responsible social citizens. I am glad to feel that NEA School is focussing to provide an educational system of a very acclaimed standard to produce the best educated new generation to serve the society.

Yours sincerely
Sh. Rameshwar Dayal Tyagi
(Former - Chairman)